Who We are

Discover the best opportunities for participation in gymnastics in the Mother City!

We are excited to bring you increased access to gymnastics in Cape Town by showcasing our clubs, projects and development initiatives. We are hopeful to see you in one of our gyms soon! See below for more information!

Our District Membership Fees

All members of the Cape Town Gymnastics Association (Gymnasts, Judges, Coaches and Clubs) are required to be registered with CTGA by paying a nominal fee to the CTGA Offices via the club. Our fees are as follows:

Institutions / clubs

CAT A CLUB = R240.00
CAT B CLUB = R100.00
CAT C CLUB = R100.00
CAT D CLUB = R0.00 (School)
CAT E CLUB = R100.00


CAT A Gymnast = R75.00 (Competitive)
CAT B Gymnast = R18.00 (non-competitive)
CAT C Gymnast = R18.00 (PDI competitive)
CAT D Gymnast = R0.00 (Gymnast at School)
CAT E Gymnast = R40.00 (inter-club gymnast)


All Judges, Executive Committee Members and Programme Managers must register as Category B – Non-competitive individual.
CAT B = R18.00


CAT A Coach = R75.00 (Competitive)
CAT B Coach = R18.00 (non-competitive)
CAT C Coach = R18.00 (PDI competitive)
CAT D Coach = R0.00 (Coach at School)

Our Partners and Affiliates

We are proud to be affiliated with both local and international initiatives that support the progress and development of gymnastics.